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I recently wrote a blog post after reading an awesome post by Jeff Goins. In this podcast, I expand on it a bit and talk about moving past fear and stepping out into things that promote personal growth and confidence.

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Getting Past Fear of “No”

February 19, 2014 — 1 Comment

I read an interesting post by Jeff Goins today.

As I read, two things hit me:

  1. Out of fear and lack of confidence, people will decide that they will be rejected before they even ask for something.
  2. If you’re not being rejected regularly, you’re not stepping out. If you’re not stepping out, you’re not living up to your potential.

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Dennis Dearing CMLDennis Dearing is a producer, songwriter, and sought after session guitarist in Nashville, TN.

He has worked with Christian artists 4Him, Al Denson, East to West, Truth, and has played guitar on many episodes of the popular children’s show, Veggie Tales.

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Psalm 33:3 MIV - Musicians Inspirational Version

Photo Credit: raha79 via Compfight cc

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Michael "Nomad" Ripoll on CML

Michael “Nomad” Ripoll truly is a drifter who has made his presence known in countless cities around the world. However, he does not wander about without direction or purpose.

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