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Podcasting opens up a a great way to learn on the go, and Downcast for the iPhone is the tool I use to make it happen.

Downcast_Joshua_J_LutzWhat is a podcast?

A podcast is a digital media file, audio or video, that usually comes in episodes that can be subscribed to and downloaded via web syndication, like iTunes, or is available for streaming online to a computer or mobile device.

What can a podcast do for me?

Podcasting sets before us a wealth of knowledge for free. Just about any subject you’d like to learn about has a related podcast. And, since you can listen via your mobile device, you can expand your mind during your morning commute, or while exercising, or cooking, or whenever you’d like.

I used to hate driving for long periods of time. Now, I don’t mind it so much because I can better myself on the go. I listen to podcasts about how to improve my business, songwriting, making wise financial decisions, staying healthy, and more.

Choose an area of life that interests you. Choose the host or voice you feel a connection with. And, suddenly, it’s like you have a personal coach guiding you down a new path of knowledge. I get inspired after each episode I listen to.

Some of the podcasts I listen to


Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income (iTunes / RSS)

Dave Ramsey – EntreLeadership (iTunes / RSS)

Joyce Meyer – Enjoying Everyday Life (iTunes / RSS)

Michael Hyatt – This is Your Life (iTunes / RSS)

Sodajerker on Songwriting (iTunes / RSS)

Seth Godin’s Startup School (iTunes)

Why Downcast?

Downcast is straight forward and fully customizable. You can search and download podcasts right from the iPhone without syncing with the computer first. At the time of this writing, Downcast is $1.99. A steal when you consider the hours you will spend learning with it. If you need a free option, Apple’s Podcasts app will do.

Downcast is for Apple devices only. But, if you’re on Android, Doggcatcher, Beyondpod, and Pocket Casts are great options.

In closing…

Listening to podcasts has made me productive during times when it’s difficult to be otherwise. I encourage you to take your downtime, like when you’re driving, and make the most of it by investing in yourself via podcasts.

What podcast have you found helpful?