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I finished my 30-day Challenge a week ago and I decided to listen to all 30 songs. I sorted out my 5 favorites and decided to share them with you. I did all writing, programming, recording, mixing, etc. from start to finish in the time listed for each song.


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Today’s the last day! I recorded 30 songs! I’m technically 2 days late because of some unfortunate life-crazyness, but the challenge is over. I so relieved!


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Sick. I’ve felt sick since yesterday. And, I’m exhausted. This has been an emotionally and physically draining week. Just had a lot going on. Today is day 30, but I couldn’t get anything going yesterday so missed. My body and mind were just done and the creative juices were dry. That’s just like life, huh? I got right to the end of my challenge, and it threw a wrench in my plans. I felt better an hour ago, but, after recording, I now feel bad again.

To be honest, I don’t like today’s song much. The guitars are out of tune, and I was really just rushing and trying to get a song done today so I wouldn’t get too far behind. I probably should have just rested and tried to get better.

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I went in an Eastern direction today.

Again, each of these songs for this challenge have been written, edited, recorded, arranged, mixed, etc. from beginning to end in about an hour except where noted.

Let me know your thoughts!

New to my Music Challenge? Here are the rules.

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Today’s tune is just a relaxing feel with nothing but acoustic guitars.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for listening.

New to my Music Challenge? Here are the rules.

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