I was born in Nashville in 1983. My dad, having played in a Gospel group called The Imperials in the ’70s, knew a lot about music and taught me about what makes music feel good as I grew up. Though he played keys and guitar, the trumpet and flugalhorn were his main instruments, and I grew up hearing a lot of Jazz.

After seeing the trumpet wasn’t for me, I asked my Dad to teach me the guitar when I was around 8 years old. But, being a kid, I had trouble taking my eyes away from cartoons and playing with G.I. Joe and Transformers long enough to practice.

I didn’t apply myself or grow much with the instrument until, when I was eleven, my dad put two albums in front of me just after I got my first electric guitar: Surfing with the Alien, by Joe Satriani, and Last Nite, by Larry Carlton. After I heard them, inspiration gave me a firm slap in the face and I started taking the guitar seriously.

I began to listen and play along to instrumental music with the guitar as the lead – Carlton and Satriani, George Benson, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen, Lee Ritenour, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and others.

When I was 18, I started to take private Jazz guitar lessons from Paul Abrams, a guitar teacher who teaches at Belmont and Trevecca Nazarene College. I continued lessons from Paul for 4 years.

At 19, I had the honor of playing for Natalie Cole at the Grand Ole Opry. That was my first big gig. It showed me I could make a career in music.

I continued to learn from the talented people around me, and, over the years, I’ve grown to love all styes of music. To me, quality music connects with the listener. It makes them feel good about themselves and inspires life and joy.

I praise God for giving us the gift of music and for the love He continually shows us.


“There’s nothing more refreshing than working with someone who can turn your basic idea into musical reality. Josh Lutz brings creativity, versatility, great timing, accurate placement and warm personality to every session as well as stage performance. Hands down one of my favorite guitarists to work with.”

Daniel Weatherspoon
Grammy Award Winning Producer/Songwriter


“It was my great pleasure to record my very first Stellar Award winning album “Champion” in Nashville with some of the greatest musicians known to our industry. Josh Lutz is by far one of the most amazing guitarist to ever grace a stage. His choices are so smart and tasteful! Not too little, not too much, but JUST ENOUGH to make you go “Who’s that on guitar?” Thanks Josh for helping us bring home the Stellar for Best Praise and Worship Album of the Year!”

Darwin Hobbs
Gospel Recording Artist


“As I reflect on the numerous years I’ve been blessed to enjoy the musical giftedness of Josh. He never ceases to amaze me with his uncanny ability to invigorate any genre of music with tasteful melodic infusions. His musical talents are equally matched with his respectful, mature, and deeply rooted Christian values. Whether in the studio, or live performance, you are about to embark on a pleasurable musical journey when Joshua Lutz is on Guitar!!”

Tyrone Dickerson
Award Winning
Producer, Songwriter, Keyboardist
CEO Christian Fellowship Music Group


“Oftentimes, here’s how it goes in the music industry: super-talented musician, but bad attitude; OR good attitude, but not very talented.  My friend and brother, Joshua Lutz, is considered both super-talented AND a really great guy to be around!  Top that off with the fact that he READS, as well, and you’ve got yourself one solid sideman for your musical experience.  Josh has been a “first-call” guy for me for about 3 years now, and I would be DEVESTATED if he suddenly left town! LOL  He’s a Christian man, with a beautiful young family, and I’m sure he will be a mainstay on the music scene for decades to come.  I’m honored to know him, and to call him friend.”

Vocalist, Kevin Whalum