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I found this while digging through some old files. I came up with this arrangement around 2006 for the only performance I did with my wife, who was a professional ballet dancer and instructor. I recorded this track for her to practice her choreography to. She danced beautifully!

Years ago, I was in the studio and was asked to do some Spanky stuff on the guitar. I didn’t know what they meant, so, after scolding me for not being up on Spanky Alford, they played an example of his playing for me off of D’Angelo’s record Voodoo. Once I heard what Spanky played, he immediately became one of my favorite guitar players.

This is me trying to get the feel right for the song “Chicken Grease.” It seems like a simple enough part, but, I still don’t have it exactly like Spanky played it. The difficult part is getting the laid back feel without it sounding rehearsed. It’s the little nuances, that separated his feel from others. Spanky was amazing!

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Nickie Conley is one of those singers who I’ve never heard sing a bad note. Just ridiculous talent. She’s worked with CeCe Winans, Natalie Grant, Third Day, Michael W. Smith, Natalie Cole, Donna Summer, and Jonny Lang to name a few.

I played electric and acoustic guitars on this (I love getting out the nylon string guitar!).

Enjoy! (iTunes link)


So, my wife had the awesome last minute idea to be Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World. 

At first, I didn’t think we could pull it off. There wasn’t enough time to buy something online and have it shipped, and it’s not like Wayne and Garth costumes can be bought at the local store. On top of that, I was playing out of town and wouldn’t be back to help until the night before Halloween. 

Bekah took on the challenge though. She got all we needed for a total of $15. She took some markers to one of my undershirts and made an awesome Aerosmith shirt like the one Garth wore, bought cheap wigs at Walmart, used an old pair of movie theater 3-D glasses, and bought a $3 hat on which I drew the Wayne’s World logo. The rest of the items we had in the closet. 

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