Books I Read in 2014 – One Helped Me Do What I thought Was Impossible

December 31, 2014 — Leave a comment
2014 Books

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I read a lot as a kid, but, once I grew up and joined the work force, I didn’t have as much time in the day. Books just weren’t as high on my priority list as I grew up – especially after I met the amazing woman who became my wife.

But, the last couple years, I’ve reconnected with reading. The more I’ve lived, the more I see that I don’t know much. So, I’ve begun to read books, blogs, and articles, as well as listen to podcasts that will help me be a better asset to the people around me. Improving myself allows me to be a better steward of the gifts/talents I’ve been given.

So, here is a list of the books I read in 2014 (the following links are affiliates).

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

A book for those who want to be more efficient at using social media to market themselves or their business. There are lots of examples of what to do and not to do from well known people and companies.

Ziglar on Selling and Five steps to Successful Selling by Zig Ziglar

Zig uses funny and interesting stories to teach people how to sell better. There are lots of little gold nuggets in these two books.

Wisdom Meets Passion by Dan Miller and Jared Angaza

Dan and his son Jared give great insight on choosing fulfilling work.

What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam

This book shows the importance of a morning routine. So much can be done by 9AM if you develop good habits and plan ahead.

Think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Some of the ideas in this book are a little crazy. Not the awesome kind of crazy. The “have you been eating paint?” kind of crazy. Still, there are some excellent thoughts that I came away with. Mostly, it inspired me to be more intentional and not give up easily.

Stuff Christians Like by Jon Acuff

I grew up in church. I’m a bible believing, Holy Ghost filled Christian. However, I also believe it’s ok to laugh about some of the funny things that happen in church life. In fact, this book had me laughing out loud more than any other book I’ve ever read. If you grew up in church, you can relate to this book, and Jon will have you rolling!

Federal Husband by Douglas Wilson

I will not say I agree 100% with all of Doug’s sentiments, however, he puts some biblical thoughts forward that all husbands should hear and put in to practice.

Bigger, Leaner, Stronger by Mike Matthews

This is the book I referred to in the post title. This book gave me a road map and inspired me to do something I had never been able to do before: pack some muscle and weight on my body. I’ve always been a small guy, I still am I suppose, but, Mike lays things out in such a simple, doable way that I was able to gain 10 pounds in 3 months. I had tried multiple programs before this one, but, this is the only program I’ve been able to stick with and see serious results. I’m continuing Mike’s program and I’m striving to gain another 20 pounds in 2015.

Coupled with the One Year Challenge book, which contains an entire year of exercises, I don’t think you can go wrong if you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life. If you want to know more about Mike Matthews and his work go to

So what have you read this year? Is there a particular book that has helped you in some way?