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Our guest on today’s Complete Music Life Podcast is percussionist and songwriter Ron Sorbo.

Ron plays for the Nashville Symphony, has played for Broadway shows, and also writes and produces music that has been used by MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet. Continue Reading…

I’m excited to play with some amazing talent in Nashville on December 11th to benefit the W.O. Smith Music School!

Help us pay it forward to some great kids who’s love for music will affect the next generation!

MBC Promo Flyer 2013


Many musicians, artists, and songwriters don’t care about “self-help” or learning about business or or even about expanding their musicianship.

But, that’s not you. You are here because you want something more.

This podcast is for people who take action – who want to stand out and go against the norm – who are willing to push themselves into new areas of knowledge in order to learn how to be a more complete musician, producer, or songwriter. If you have decided to get out of your comfort zone, I have something for you. Continue Reading…

I’ve been hooked on podcasts for about a year now.

I just can’t get over all the information available for free that I can take in while I’m running, driving, etc.

It’s really easy to get started. Here’s how:


Doggcatcher was named the best podcast manager for Android by It’s available in the Android Market and you can also find the link here: DoggCatcher App for Android.


Continue Reading…